The ultimate cleaning system for driveways, patios, terraces, path, play areas, multi use games area’s, artificial grass and much more!

TerrazzaMC Starter Kit

Using the Terrazza brush with his unique patented structure you can clean the typical outside surfaces such as driveways, car parks, garden paths, terraces etc. Any type of material is cleaned such as pavers, natural stones, concrete, tarmac and wooden decking. Most important is the fact that you can do all of that just using WATER!

The TMC kit is therefore extreme and unique with this “environmental friendly” concept.

No need to worry about plants, weeds, animals or children if you are cleaning very dirty surfaces in the garden, just use our TMC Kit and WATER it will even remove Lichen, moss, blackspot and weeds with no need for chemicals or weed killers!

But more you can also use this unique brush inside to help you with the difficult jobs such as removing cement residue, rubber traces of car tires, oil stains etc. Also cleaning anti-slip floors in kitchens, swimming pools and industrial plants is done with the TMC KIT.

Weedee PRO – Ultimate weed and moss removal

With its petrol engine, the Terrazza Weedee PRO is a unique weed removal machine thanks to its reduced rotation speed and its excellent manoeuvrability. The Weedee PRO removes weed and mosses from hard surfaces without the use of chemicals, high pressure or a thermic treatment.

Two brushes can be mounted on the Weedee PRO : the new Terrazza Wire TECH brush ( TWT) and the Weedee brush. Thanks to the combination of the bundles of Terrazza Synthetic fibres and the Terrazza Steel wire elements the TWT can easily remove long and lush weeds from larger surface areas.

The Weedee brush on the other hand, removes weeds and mosses from hard surfaces and from the joints. The weeds disappear and stay away for a longer period of time, resulting in a nice clean surface.

The Terrazza Weedee PRO can be used on all sorts of paved surfaces : terraces, driveways, parking lots, pavements, tennis courts and many more. The Terrazza Weedee PRO machine is especially designed for the needs of professional cleaning companies, contractors, landscape gardeners and for local authorities.

New Geotex PRO from TerrazzaMC

Terrazza Geotex PRO:  cleaning your Geo-textile fields without damaging the surface, thanks to the Geo TECH brush

Thanks to the Geo TECH brush, the Terrazza Geotex PRO is the ideal machine for cleaning and removing weeds on all sorts of geotextile ( woven and non-woven anti-root control fabric) and the aisles, passages and working area.

With its petrol engine, the Terrazza Weedee PRO is unique because of the reduced rotation speed of the brushes. Weeds, dirt, discolorations (algae’s or water salination ) and slippery substances are removed from the anti-root underlay, the aisles and the working area. Cleaning and weed control with the Geotex PRO is also chemical free and requires no high pressure or thermic treatment.

Three different brushes can be mounted on the Geotex PRO:

° the Terrazza Geo TECH ( TGT), brush for Geo-textile

° the Terrazza Weedee, weed removal brush

° the Terrazza Sweeper, sweeping brush

Terrazza EQUI: Clean and sweep like a pro

The excellent manoeuvrable Equi brush is ideal to sweep, clean , and remove weed from paths, drive ways, entrances and exits from the indoor arena, as well as sweep and clean the corridors                    of the stables. Two brushes can be mounted on the machine with gasoline engine: the new Terrazza EQUI brush, developed especially for the maintenance of the infrastructure in and around horse stables and the Weedee brush, weed removal brush, ideal to clean the outdoor areas.

The Terrazza EQUI brushing machine is unique thanks to the reduced rotation speed of the brushes. The slow rotation prevents the projection of sand, straw and other sharp object and avoids damage to the surface or stable doors or other valuable objects.

With its 80 kg the EQUI puts just enough pressure to remove not only lose dirt but also the sticky material. In order to obtain an even better result, the user himself can through an easy movement, put more or less pressure on the brush.

Because of the nice weight balance and the big wheels, the Terrazza EQUI has excellent manoeuvrability. The dirt is swept into one nice line to the right side of the machine, thanks to the rubber shield and can than easily be gathered, rinsed or been swept between the plants.

Sweeping and cleaning with the unique patented Terrazza MC brushing system is based on the mechanical brush movement and avoids the use of detergents or chemical products, to the benefit of man and horse. The noise level of the engine is also in a way that it is minimal or no nuisance to the animals.

The Terrazza EQUI is especially developed for the horse owner who wants to maintain his infrastructure – inside and outside- in a professional, efficient way.